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Avant Browser 2017 Build 02

By Avant Force  ( License:Freeware )

Avant Browser is a fast, dependable and person-friendly internet browser, designed to continuously improve surfing revel in thru frequent updates. It integrates a download multi-threaded accelerator and manager in an advertisements loose interface.

Multi-processing ensures a easy, crash-unfastened experience. on this manner, if one tab isn't always responding, the others will hold going.

memory leaks won’t be a problem, as this browser is engineered to have the lightest reminiscence utilization possible. A video sniffer lets customers down load any video one may stumble upon at the internet. The interface is customizable, a couple of tabs are easy manageable thru split View and indifferent on top feature, which lets you watch films and chat while working on other apps.

personal browsing, automatic login, bookmark encryption, gestures and several other alternatives make this browser a great desire. additionally, it may be optimized for slow net connections.
Avant Browser capabilities and advantages:
• Multi-processing design gives you a crash-unfastened net surfing enjoy and high reliability
• Lowest reminiscence usage internet browser
• download accelerator
• Designed to work in non-public Mode for whole privacy
• No memory leaks
• get admission to your bookmarks with Avant online Bookmarks carrier from anywhere

Title: Avant Browser
File Name: absetup.exe
File Size: 4.43 MB
Requirements: All Windows (Version)
Languages: Multiple Language
License: License:Freeware
Date Added: 4 Feb 2017
Author: Avant Force

  • [Update]Chrome: 56.0.2924.87
  • [Update]Firefox:
  • [Fix]Incorrect size of popup tabs
  • [Fix]A bug result in memory crash