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ManyCam 5.6.1

By ManyCam LLC  ( Shareware )

ManyCam is a free webcam software and a video switcher that allows you to use your webcam on most applications simultaneously while you live stream or video chat.

Use it on applications such as Skype, Youtube or Livestream. Record your screen, add effects, change your background and much more.


Game Capture
Capture and record your gameplay with the new Game Video Source. Live stream or record and post your videos later. Record with games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, Far Cry 3, StarCraft and more! ManyCam Free Download Latest Version for Windows PC. It is full offline setup installer of ManyCam.

YouTube Integration
Stream and broadcast videos found on YouTube easily and quickly with the new YouTube video source! Moreover, you can directly upload your recorded videos to YouTube from ManyCam with the YouTube Uploader feature. Full feature available for free for a limited time only.

Mobile Source
Use your mobile phone as a video source in ManyCam with the new ManyCam Mobile Source for Android! Record live videos on the go, away from your computer and stream directly to ManyCam using your phone. The Mobile app is available for download on Google Play. Full feature available for free for a limited time only.

Lower Thirds
Make your video productions more professional with our new Lower Thirds feature. Use this feature to add your name to your video screen, highlight news, or even identify your location.

Use your webcam with many applications simultaneously
Use your webcam with multiple chat applications at the same time. Use Skype, MSN, and Youtube at the same time with ManyCam's virtual webcam driver software.

Add amazing webcam effects & graphics to your videos and photos
Add thousands of amazing webcam effects and custom graphics inside any webcam application. Change your face, eyes, hair, add backgrounds, and much more!

Switch between different video sources
Quickly switch between video & audio sources with ManyCam Pro live video studio switcher. Learn how to live stream with this video production software.

Screencast desktop and draw over video
Draw over your video window or screencast your desktop online with software for your webcam.

Create your own webcam effects
Create your own custom objects, face accessories, backgrounds and other graphics to use on ManyCam with Effect Creation feature. You can also publish your custom effects to library or download them straight to your computer.

Add amazing microphone audio effects to your broadcast
Try live audio effects & voice changer. Improve your microphone audio quality, make a funny high voice, low voice, or disguise your voice with any app.

Title: ManyCam
File Name: ManyCamWebInstaller.exe
File Size: 0.58 MB
Requirements: All Windows
Languages: Multiple Language
License: Shareware
Date Added: 6 Mar 2017
Author: ManyCam LLC

What's new in this version:

ManyCam 5.6.1
- Added unicode support in installation/users paths
- Various bug fixes, stability & security improvements

ManyCam 5.6.0
- Added in app account registration
- Extended support for video capture cards
- New Face Mask effects
- Various bug fixes, stability & security improvements

ManyCam 5.5.2
- Mobile source UI improvement
- Various bug fixes and improvements

ManyCam 5.5.0
- Change log not available for this version

ManyCam 5.4.1
- Translations added
- RTMP Authorization fixed

ManyCam 5.4.0
- Major RTMP streaming improvements (authorization, RTMPS, RTMPE and RTMPT)
- New UI to make streaming even easier
- Direct live streaming to Facebook
- ManyCam Mobile [ BETA ] support
- Play/Pause for local media file and YouTube sources. Click on the video source to play and pause
- HTML notification fix
- Standard users can now enjoy 1 custom watermark and rename their virtual camera
- Various bug fixes and improvements

ManyCam 5.3.2
- Fixed a driver signature issue for new Windows 10 installations (version 1607)

ManyCam 5.3.1
- Fixed a driver compatibility issue with Windows 10 Anniversary

ManyCam 5.3.0
- Major IP Camera improvements.
- Added MJPEG support for webcams with HD or Full HD resolutions to improve FPS.
- Various bug fixes, stability & performance improvements.

ManyCam 5.2.0
- New Custom Watermarks feature (for Studio and Enterprise only)
- New Custom Lower Third feature
- Various bug fixes, stability & performance improvements

ManyCam 5.1.0
- Bug fixes and stability improvements including:
Game capture feature bugs resolved
Issues with consistency of H264 camera usage resolved
- Automated software update process introduced
- Added in-app flexible notification system
- Website login and password now linked to software login

ManyCam 5.0.5
- Fixed bug with Object effects created by users (wrong scale)
- Fixed bug with IP cameras when using network proxy settings
- Fixed bug with IP cameras authorization
- Fixed bug with playlist scheduler
- Added ability to drag zoomed picture (in picture in picture mode)
- Various bug fixes, stability and performance improvements

- H.264 bug fix for ManyCam Studio.

- New and more flexible UI design with support for HiDPI displays.
- New Chroma Key feature(Studio and Enterprise only).
- New Motion Detection feature (Studio and Enterprise only).
- Windows 10 support.
- More accessible options with Standard, Studio, and Enterprise editions.
- Use up to 12 video sources (Studio and Enterprise only).
- Improved Draw tab (history, transparency).
- New Noise Suppression feature.
- New Save Effects Presets feature.
- Removable watermark (Standard, Studio, Enterprise only).
- Added Custom duration for each item in playlist.
- Various bug fixes, stability & performance improvements.

- Improvements under “Connect” tab
- Various bug fixes and stability improvements

- New "Connect" tab that provides quick access to compatible streaming sites and applications
- Stability improvements

- Custom audio and video bitrates for the Recording feature.
- New Window Selector feature. (Pro & Enterprise only)
- New Custom Area feature (movable canvas). (Pro & Enterprise only)
- Desktop Zoom feature. (Pro & Enterprise only)
- Create and save a list of RTMP servers that you often use for broadcasting. (Pro & Enterprise only)
- Broadcast to multiple RTMP servers simultaneously (Enterprise only).
- Added H264 support for IP cameras (Enterprise only).
- Stability improvements.

ManyCam 4.0.110
- New Timer and Stopwatch features.
- Audio playlist improvements.
- Removing the ManyCam Watermark is now a Free feature.
- Stability improvements.

ManyCam 4.0.109
- New RTMP feature that allows you to broadcast directly on Twitch, Ustream and YouTube live events
- Added 60 fps support
- Fixed a bug some users were having while switching movies in the playlist
- Fixed a bug some users were having with audio clicks
- Fixed the System Sound microphone for some audio cards

ManyCam 4.0.97
- Stability improvements.

ManyCam 4.0.94
- New Mobile Video Source allows you to stream video and audio directly from your Android device.
- New YouTube Video Source allows you to stream and broadcast videos found on YouTube.
- New YouTube Social Uploader feature allows you to upload your recorded videos to YouTube from ManyCam.
- Various bug fixes and improvements as requested by users.
- Removing the ManyCam Watermark is a Pro feature only.

ManyCam 4.0.78
- Support for Windows 8.1 Metro apps

ManyCam 4.0.77
- Stability improvements.

ManyCam 4.0.70
- New Game video source allows capturing and recording of your gameplay
- New Lower Third feature
- Custom Video Source feature allows you to give a new name to the ManyCam Virtual Webcam video source
- Added new scrolling options for Text Over Video feature
- Added Random transition effect
- Fixed a problem where the message “Try closing other programs that might be using your webcam.” appeared for some cameras
- Added support for more camera vendors
- Various bug fixes and improvements as requested by users 

ManyCam 4.0.63
- Stability improvements.

ManyCam 4.0.52
- Fixed a problem where “Run on startup” option did not work correctly.
- Added the ability to set up custom delays between items in playlist.
- Added the ability to set up different scrolling speeds for the text over video feature.
- Due to repeated requests from ManyCammers, we have brought back the “Show cursor” and “Camera properties” features.
- Performance improvements as requested by our users along with other bug fixes.

ManyCam 3.1.64
- New Thanksgiving effects added to installer.
- Minor bug fixes.


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