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Wireshark  2.2.5 (32-bit)

By Wireshark Foundation  ( License:Freeware )

Wireshark is a community protocol analyzer that has come to be a trendy across numerous industries. Supported protocols are still developing, the range going with the aid of the hundreds.

it could do live captures and off-line analysis, VoIP evaluation, and protocol decryption. Coming with a three paned packed browser, this protocol analyzer reads and writes in lots of exclusive seize report codecs, exports output to XML, PostScript, CSV or undeniable textual content, and browses captured community data with the aid of the use of a GUI or of TShark application.

stated to offer the most powerful show filters inside the enterprise, this one also can decompress gzip documents at the fly and display consequences in an intuitive way, by the usage of hues and packed list.
Wireshark functions and advantages:
• statistics can be captured "off the wire" from a stay network connection, or study from a capture record
• stay data may be read from Ethernet, FDDI, PPP, Token-Ring, IEEE 802.eleven, Classical IP over ATM, and loopback interfaces (at the least on some systems; not all of those sorts are supported on all structures)
• Captured community records may be browsed via a GUI, or via the TTY-mode "tethereal" program
• seize documents can be programmatically edited or transformed through command-line switches to the "editcap" application
• 602 protocols can currently be dissected
• Output may be stored or printed as undeniable textual content or PostScript
• records display can be delicate the use of a display clear out
• display filters can also be used to selectively highlight and coloration packet precis statistics
• All or part of each captured network hint may be stored to disk

Title: Wireshark
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File Size: 42.5MB
Requirements: Windows All 32 Bits
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License: License:Freeware
Date Added: 7 Mar 2017
Author: Wireshark Foundation

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