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Password Manager XP 3.3.690

By CP-Lab  ( Commercial Trial )

Password supervisor XP is a handy little tool that lets you create cozy, encrypted databases to store records in. each database can be given an get right of entry to password and is encrypted with diverse algorithms concurrently.

further to database introduction, you may also designate the extent of encryption to guard your database. you're capable of configure sure parameters too, as an example you may pick out concurrent write access, keep in mind facts sort order, and override international automatic closure timeout and so forth. Password supervisor XP additionally allows you to set a customized backup option as properly.

Password supervisor XP helps the subsequent algorithms:

Encryption set of rules: 3DES,Blowfish, Cast128, RC4, Rijndael (new AES), Serpent, Tea, Twofish.
Hash algorithm used to generate encryption key: SHA, SHA-384, MD5, SHA-512, SHA-256, SHA-256, MD5, SHA-256.
Encryption key period: a hundred and sixty bit, 384 bit, 128 bit, 512 bit, 256 bit, 256 bit,128 bit, 256 bit.
Password supervisor XP has a general user interface within reason fundamental; some menu and shortcut instructions on the top of the window. From here you may create and shop databases, assign them passwords and upload files and folders. below that is the tree menu, which can display all of the created databases. as soon as your database has been created, you can upload a new report with the aid of populating the general characteristic fields, including identify, person name, account, URL, password etc.

standard, Password manager XP can be navigated by using all customers, due to the standard interface. It has a small footprint and uses a tiny quantity of your device sources. It also comes with a whole assist file, consisting of pointers and snapshots to help you if you get caught.

Title: Password Manager XP
File Name: PwdManager-Setup.exe
File Size: 2.46MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Commercial Trial
Date Added: 22 Feb 2017
Author: CP-Lab

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